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22 November 2014 @ 06:00 pm
two videos/songs with loosely related themes that i have been loving on. i found them both touching and life affirming, but i sent them to my sister and they bummed her out, ha. so it's a matter of perspective. which the best art is i suppose!

15 January 2013 @ 01:46 pm
today is day three of my cleanse! lots of grilled chicken breast (or halibut), green veggies, the occasional piece of fruit and gallons of water and tea. i plan to keep it up for two weeks minimum. i also cut out diet coke (that's the real toughie) and quit smoking weed completely (though i wasn't doing as much of that anyways lately). its a trifecta of vices being dealt with in tandem.. which is how i tend to do things, typically taurean - all or nothing. it works for me. and i owe it to myself to do this. when i was doing ECT i totally let myself indulge with utter abandon, which was fair enough. but now that i'm on the other side of it, and have been given something of a second start, i want to treat my body as well as i possibly can. doing otherwise would feel like i wasn't taking advantage of what has been gifted to me.

i'm going to be looking for work in the coming weeks, which is nerve wracking as heck.

i would love to be able to jump back into my field of choice and immediately work towards my career goals (RAHT) but all the voices of reason around me favour an easier route.. aka a starter job. something with less responsibility and something catering to someone with a huge gap on her resume. i'm pretty torn. part of me thinks i should jump back in with enthusiasm and apply to am emerg vet clinic because nothing ventured nothing gained. the other part hesitates and dwells on the bad days and wanst to be as easy on myself as possible.
10 January 2013 @ 03:42 pm
guys, a middle age man i've never seen before just stopped me in my hallway to inform me he 'liked my lipgloss' :-/ he stopped short of saying 'you have a purdy mouth' which would have propelled things into harassment territory :P ... in his defense, it was sparkly and does look pretty rockin'. but .. ick?

and with that, i am back! haha. a little unceremonious maybe but there you have it.

i commented to nathan yesterday that i feel like a bad friend for not coming back to lj earlier. things are proving to move a bit more gradually re: recovery, than i had hoped and planned for, but believe me, i am not complaining.

it is beautifully sunny out here in new west. and sunny always does a body good. happy thursday, lovelies <3

10 December 2011 @ 12:15 pm

what up. my name is kate, and i created this journal so that i may speak intimately and with candor.
for the most part it is open only to friends .. save for photo posts and ramblings of an innocuous nature. that said i am forever looking to meet like-minded people. so do comment should you feel so inclined and i will most likely be glad to hand over the key to the vaults <3
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12 August 2011 @ 07:49 am
the plan has been late october early november for getting back to work, but then i stumble across something like this job posting:

Veterinary assistant needed for a pair of small animal clinics. We are looking for a full time, permanent employee who is interested in pursuing distance education through Thompson University's Animal Health Technologist program. VOA certificate is an asset but not a prerequisite. You should be familiar with the entrance requirements for the TRU program and be eligible for application by September 2012.

You should initially anticipate performing reception duties and other office procedures as well as learning medical terminology, basic animal handling skills, participating in medical procedures as an assistant to the AHTs, and helping with clinic maintenance (ie. cleaning). AHT duties will be added as you progress through the university course. Please do not apply if you are not an animal lover, can't stand getting dirty, don't like the sight of blood, or don't think that a medical setting is where you want to spend the next several years. Please do apply if you like kittens, math and computers. And chocolate.

Reliable transportation is a must (car or transit) to the North Shore and downtown.

so. perfect.
04 June 2011 @ 11:31 pm

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01 May 2011 @ 08:21 pm
no particular order, just thoughts :)

sara i hope you are well and feeling spring-ish :) also i went to macaulay point the other day and when i got home i looked it up on the net to find out its historical significance .. and you and ryan popped up on the front page of google image search (wedding pics)! haha, totally a 'wwwwWWWWWhhhhhhaaaaaAAAAATTT??' moment.

sarah your eloquence astounds me

anya you ARE a little ray of sunshine!

boone i like swinging with you!

jana i was thinking that we were in 382 (i think?) and totally didn't even sit together. weird! áj wʊ́d tótəli sɪ́t wɪθ jú náw ;)

laura thank you for the email, it warmed my heart <3 also i watched brain candy tonight and it is no fun quoting it without you.

also ALSO, keely showed us pictures of your trip last night and you looked so gorgeous in all of them!

shauna you rock a canucks jersey like noone else. adorbz!

nath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGHsONcRZmk&feature=fvst

shelle omg we get to hang out soon! lookin' forward to it babes!

helen your trip sounds magnificent. wasn't it like a year ago you were here? oh man i was so out of it then. i still feel bad about it! i want a repeat!

stephanie mr. mills. spherical dr. pepper ice cubes in a bathtub (haha was that it? something along those lines :)

nater the above post to stephanie made me think of grade 9, so when i went to write this i thought of when laura and i called you pretending to be raven and april sandever and thought i would apologize officially for that. cuz i don't think we ever did!

elizabeth i'm 99% sure you don't check this but now that i'm in grade 9 mode i wanted to check in and ask how isabella is doing these days? tell her gay-te virgin says hi.

to any and all that i left out, know you are loved and have a good monday :)
31 March 2011 @ 11:34 am
well. i learnt i should have taken the diet protocols seriously when they told me what i can and cannot eat and that cheating can have dire consequences. one day and 3 pounds gained. on fruit and bread! (and a piece of licorice). but now i know. onwards and upwards.

the willow tree outside my window, i think it is dying. its falling over and looking rather miserable. i would be so sad if that were so. i love lying in bed when i can't sleep and watching it sway and float in the wind. something about it is so relaxing.